Premium Cheeses and Meats from Our Family Farm

Hillacres Pride Lancaster County Family Tradition

Pride was established in 2003 as an extension of our family farm, Hillacres Jersey. We began by producing aged cheeses made from 100% 
Jersey cow milk from our own herd, such as Colby & Cheddar. In 2009, we are adding pasteurized cheese to our line, including ricotta, mozzarella and fromage.

We first sold our cheese at local Farm Markets in 2006, and added beef from our Jersey steers in 2007. Later that year, after many requests, we added chicken and pork to our market line. All of our meats are from pastured animals, and do not receive any theraputic antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our family farm is home to three generations of the Arrowsmith family, who provide the majority of the labor for the farm. The forage that our cows eat is grown on the farm and the cows are milked twice daily.

Hillacres Pride was born of the idea of providing the next generation an opportunity to experience the traditions of the family operation. Through farm life, we strive to provide a safe and happy childhood for our children, while teaching them to be responsible, caring and self-assured.

We hope you enjoy our products. We take great pride in bringing them to you.

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