2017 CSA Shares

The Cheese Share is 22 weeks, with 11 deliveries of 2 cheese items every other week. Start dates are usually the first pick-up of date of your veggie share. You will receive a wide variety of cheese items ranging from fresh cheese, to aged artisan cheeses. Our farmstead and artisan cheeses are made by hand using the fresh milk from our Registered Jersey cows. The cows are pastured on the lush green pastures of Lancaster County from April to October, and over the winter months they eat hay and silage that is harvested from the farm during the summer. We do not treat our animals with Bovine Growth hormone, or use therapeutic antibiotics.

cheese blocks on display tubs of spreads

Share Details

  1. When will the share run?
    The share will usually start with the first pick-up at your veggie share location and run every other week for 11 pickups, which usually encompasses June-Oct. Some locations offer you the option to pre-order through our website for additional items and pick up times.
  2. Where are the pickup locations?
    We have several pick-up locations. At this time you must be a member of the host CSA to purchase a cheese share. If your CSA is not listed, please contact them to see if they would be interested in working with us.
  1. Goodwill at Homefields Farm, located at 150 Letort Road in Millersville, PA. Pickup times are 3 to 7 on Thursday, 11 to 7 on Friday, or 9 to 1 on Saturday.  They offer a vegetable CSA share.
  2. North Star Orchard, Thursdays from 3 to 6 PM. Located in Cochranville  near the intersection of Rte. 10 and Rte. 41 in Chester County, PA (3226 Limestone Rd. Cochranville, PA). They offer both Fruit and Veggie Shares.
  3. Quiet Creek Farm, Tuesdays or Fridays from 1-7 pm.  Located at The Good Farm, at 8112 Church Road Germansville PA 18053.  They offer a veggie share and and have several drop off locations.  This CSA will not include Old Bay or Habanero Cheddar and will substitute an extra Cheddar and Colby of each. Sign up directly with Quiet Creek.
  4. Red Earth Farms, 1025 Red Dale Road Orwigsburg, PA 17961, Red Earth offers many pick-up locations and times. You must sign-up through Red Earth for our Cheese Share if you want to pick-up at one of their locations. Note they offer only 10 deliveries that are bi-weekly and in June and will not include Horeseradish or Habanero. They offer a veggie share, as well as many other partner farm shares. 
  1. What is the size of a share and what does it contain?
    A share contains 2 cheese items with each delivery. They will range from cheddars and colbys to artisan cheeses, such as our Susquehanna and Cave Aged Arcadia; to fresh cheeses like ricotta and our signature flavored fresh cheeses. The amounts of the cheeses vary- the cheddars and colbys are vacuum sealed and most weight about 8 ounces, but sometimes we may include a larger block. The artisan cheeses are usually close to 6 ounces. The quark will be 8 ounces, the flavored fresh cheeses are 5 oz and ricotta will be a whole pound. We will also offer our puddle duck creek and may have a few other surprises for you. We try to pair some of the cheeses with what is in season for the veggies-Feta with greens, fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, ricotta with eggplant. It is always fun for us to select the share items and we hear it is a fun surprise for the customers. We offer a bit of information about the cheeses and are hoping to incorporate recipes this year as well.
  2. What is the price of a share?
    By signing on and paying for your share now, you'll lock-in your price for the season, regardless what happens to prices at the grocery store or farmers' market due to inflation or influences of the weather.

    We accept personal checks or you can use your bank's online bill pay system. We also accept credit card payments online via Paypal (you need not be a member of Paypal to use their service). Please plan to submit your membership fee within 15 days of signing up in order to guarantee your spot in the CSA this year.

    • 11 bi-weekly deliveries $125.00. 

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