Fundraising Opportunities

Hillacres Pride Premium Cheeses are an excellent fundraising opportunity for your school or organization. We offer our cheeses "by the item" and "gift pack" option for your customers.    

  • Unique Product - Everyone is selling candy bars, pizza, magazines or knick knacks these days. We offer a different option for people with our flavored premium cheese blocks and spreads.
  • Excellent Product - Our cheeses and spreads are premium quality. Our cheeses are made in small batches by hand, you will taste the difference. Cheese blocks are vacuum sealed for a long shelf life.
  • Consumable Product - Our premium cheeses are great for snacking, cooking, parties and gift giving. Since it is consumable, repeat sales are likely.
  • Small Company - We are a small family run operation located in Lancaster County, PA. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your organization will also be supporting agriculture.
  • Reasonable Price - Each item sells for $4.00 and gift packs range from $10.00 to $25.00. Customers do not have to spend a lot to support your organization. They receive a high quality product at a reasonable price while supporting a worthy cause.
  • Excellent Profit - Your organization will make over 30% profit on sales.