Our Beef

Our Jersey Beef comes from Jersey steers. They are raised on whole milk for about 10 weeks. For the first 6-8 months, they are raised on grain and grass hay and pasture. After this time, the animals receive primarily pasture in the warm months and grass hay harvested from pasture in the remaining months. A small amount of corn silage is supplemented in the cold months for additional energy for the animal. After butchering, the beef is dry aged for a minimum of 3 weeks providing a tender cut of meat that you are sure to enjoy. Jerseys are not typically raised for beef in the commercial industry, because they are smaller and provide less meat per head. However, the lean Jersey meat is very flavorful. We offer a variety of steaks and roasts as well as ground beef, beef cubes, and soup bones.


Filet Mignon-Long revered as the best cut of beef, the filet mignon is from the tenderloin. The trimmed tenderloin makes an excellent steak. Grilling, broiling, and sautéing are the best methods for cooking tenderloin steaks.  No marinade needed.

Delmonico-A delmonico is also known as a rib-eye steak and is cut from the rib-eye roast. It is flavorful, tender, and a very high quality cut of meat. It is best when grilled or broiled and does not require marinating.

NY Strip- Is a boneless top loin steak, which is tender and flavorful and is best prepared using grilling, broiling, sautéing, or pan-frying cooking methods.  A top cut for summer grilling!

Sirloin Steak- The boneless sirloin is a flavorful and tender steak. It can be grilled, broiled, sautéed, or pan-fried and is even better if it is marinated first. It is the most plentiful steak and is one of the most popular steakhouse steaks.

Flank Steak - A flank steak is very lean and full of flavor. It is delicious when grilled, but should not be cooked too long. Consider marinating before cooking.  This steak is often limited as there are only 2 per animal.

Flat Iron Steak- The flat iron steak is a smaller cut from the top blade roast, cut horizontally to remove much of the tough connective tissue.  It is a flavorful, well marbled, tender steak.  It is an excellent steak for grilling or broiling and does not require marinating or tenderizing, however it should not be cooked beyond medium or it may quickly toughen.

Ranch Steak-A Ranch Steak is the center cut of the boneless chuck shoulder steak.  It is a very lean cut and very flavorful. It is best when grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.  Marinating is an option for this steak. 

London Broil-The London Broil is a thick steak that is cut from the top round roast.  It is flavorful and more tender than other round cuts, but some prefer it still be marinated first if it is to be grilled or broiled.

Petite Tender- One of the most tender beef cuts, it’s lean yet juicy, with excellent beef chuck flavor. Maximum convenience – completely trimmed and ready to go, very quick-cooking and easy to carve.  One petite tender is perfect for two.  Can be cut crosswise into medallions for quick sautés or cut into strips for a speedy stir-fry. This steak is often limited as there are only 2 per animal.

Skirt Steak- Skirt steak is a thin, long, fan-shaped and is one of the most flavorful of all steaks. Skirt steak is the authentic meat for fajitas, preferably. This cut is particularly delicious when marinated because its loose texture allows it to absorb flavors and its strong taste holds up to bold seasonings.  This steak is often limited as there are only 2 per animal.

Chip Steak-Tender, lean roast meat, sliced thin.  Makes excellent steak sandwiches!


Chuck Roast-This is the most plentiful roast in a beef.  It is well marbled and is best when it is slow cooked.  It has fantastic flavor and makes a great pulled beef or pot roast.

Rump Roast-There are only 4 per beef of these roasts, they are leaner then a chuck roast and can be an oven roast or a pot roast.  For best results be sure to tenderize as an oven roast or keep enough liquid when slow cooking.

Sirloin Tip Roast-This is the best oven roast and is often referred to as roast beef.  They are lean and tender.

Eye Roast-This is a smaller roast and we often cut them in half.  They are great for sandwiches and smaller families.  They are similar to a rump roast.

Brisket-This is the typical cut used for smoked BBQ or corn beef.  They go fast for us!  We sell them rolled and tied most of the time.  They are well marbled and juicy.