Our Pork

All of our pork products come from our Berkshire Heritage Pigs.  We purchase the piglets when they are 8-10 weeks old from a local breeder grow them until they are about 7 months old.  Our pigs are grown in lots in our woods.  Pigs are very sensitive to the heat and they really enjoy the shade trees and cool dirt in the summer.  The pigs forage on the plants, espeically ferns and other plants.  They love to scratch on the trees and wallow in the water that lies in low areas.  It is joyful to see them run from under a thicket when we call them for whey.  The pigs eat all of the whey from our cheese operation.  They are also fed a local grain mix of corn and minerals.  Additionally the always have access to fresh water.

We offer a variety or pork chops, sausages, bacon and ribs. 

Pork Chops-We offer our pork chops with the bone or boneless.  They are packed 2/pack.  The key to a good pork chop is not to overcook it.  There is not a lot of marbling, thus the meat is lean and can dry out if overcooked.  The bone and fat around it keep the bone-in chops moist.  Chops can be grilled, baked, pan fried or broiled.

Pork Loin-A pork loin is a from the same cut as a boneless pork chop.  It is lean and can easily pick up flavors from seasoings or marinades.  It is one of the most popular roasts.

Tenderloin-Often considered the prime cut of pork.  It is lean but juicy and cooks in a short period of time.  The tenderloin is limited as there are only 4 per pig.

Boston Butt-The Boston Butt comes from the top part of the shoulder and we make ours boneless.  They are great for pulled pork in the crock pot or for smoking.

Pork Picnic-This is the bottom part of the shoulder and is debones.  It is usually netted because it can be in a couple pieces when the bone is removed.  It is more marbled then the Boston Butt, and thus can be more moist.

Pork Shoulder-Our pork shoulder is for those who like the bone left in their roasts.  Many believe that bone-in meat has more flavor.  They come from the lower part of the shoulder.

Pork Roast (Fresh Ham)-Our pork roasts come from the ham section of the pig (which is the hind quarters).  This area is usually smoked for the ham flavor that we are used to.  When this meat is not smoked it is a fabulous pork roast.  These can be with or without the bone.  They may also be rolled and tied.

Ham-Traditionally ham is smoked meat from the hind quarters.  Hams can be whole, halved or sliced into steaks.  We leave the bone in our hams.  Because our pigs are oudtoors and get a lot of exercise, our hams are more meatly and have a texture more like a pork chop-which many find very favorable.  The steaks cook in a short time and make a great dinner. 

Baby Back Ribs-Baby back ribs are cut from the section of the rib cage closest to the backbone. Loin center-cut roasts and chops come from the same part of the pig, which explains why baby back ribs can be expensive. This location also explains why baby back ribs are much leaner than spareribs—and why they need special attention to keep from drying out on the grill.

Spareribs (St. Louis–Style)- Spareribs are cut close to the belly of the pig (which is also where bacon comes from). They have a little more fat, which makes for a juicier rib.  For a more tender rib that absorbs a rub, the membrane can be removed.  This is an economical cut and although it takes a little time to prepare, they are an excellent dinner! 

County Ribs-These are bone-in single ribs.  They can be sued for slow cooking or for a thick bone-in chop.

Bacon-Bacon comes from the pork belly and is smoked and then sliced.  Our bacon is a thicker sliced bacon.  We offer 2 types of bacon-regular cure or nitrate free. 

Ground Pork-This is like ground beef-with smaller trim pieces ground up for use in meatballs or other casseroles.  It is also the base for sausage.

Sausage-We offer several different types of sausages with different mixes of seasonings.  Sausage can be packed in casings for grillers, breakfast links, or ropes.  They can also be sold loose or made into patties.  See our order form for the different types we have availalbe.